Morrow Hill offers premier commercial real estate strategies worldwide. Our clients receive the best presentation of properties and exceptional real estate services to meet their needs.

Our Strategy

Our unique client team model ensures that every transaction is managed with care and precision, with no outsourcing to outside parties.

We believe in the power of impartiality, which is why we exclusively represent tenants. This gives our clients a clear and accurate view of the market, without any bias. Our team takes time to provide the personalized attention and expert market knowledge your brand deserves.

Leading the Way

Meet Our Executive Team

Our Team

At Morrow Hill, we believe our people are one of our greatest assets. Our team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and innovative professionals are the driving force behind our success.

Alex Skruch headshot

Alex Skruch

Transaction Manager
Amanda Lawrence headshot

Amanda Lawrence

Senior Transaction Manager
Angelica Gonzalez headshot

Angelica Gonzalez

Research Analyst
Ashley Miller headshot

Ashley Miller

Senior Transaction Manager
Carl Schroeder headshot

Carl Schroeder

Director of Vision Map
Caroline Wahl headshot

Caroline Wahl

Director of Communications
Chris Fleeger headshot

Chris Fleeger

Executive Vice President
Christina Dobbins headshot

Christina Dobbins

Transaction Manager
Christopher Grubbs headshot

Christopher Grubbs

Transaction Manager
Colton Cowart headshot

Colton Cowart

Research Analyst
Dakota Morgan headshot

Dakota Morgan

Senior Transaction Manager
David Balogun headshot

David Balogun

Vice President
David Jimenez headshot

David Jimenez

Executive Vice President
Douglas Delsanter headshot

Douglas Delsanter

Broker/Senior Advisor
Erick Flores Turrubiates headshot

Erick Flores Turrubiates

Research Analyst
Erik Escobar headshot

Erik Escobar

IT Analyst
Hank Parsons headshot

Hank Parsons

Transaction Manager
Ian Laskowski headshot

Ian Laskowski

Vice President - Retail
Jacob Farber headshot

Jacob Farber

Transaction Manager
Jet Leonard headshot

Jet Leonard

Transaction Manager
Joel Chamberlain headshot

Joel Chamberlain

Vision Map Data Engineer
Jordan Hermes headshot

Jordan Hermes

Research Analyst
John Walker headshot

John Walker

Research Analyst
Josh Smith headshot

Josh Smith

Transaction Manager
Kristian Jessen headshot

Kristian Jessen

Business Development
Lauren Morrow headshot

Lauren Morrow

Senior Transaction Manager
Linda Nguyen headshot

Linda Nguyen

Senior Transaction Manager
Lorna Thorne headshot

Lorna Thorne

Office Manager
Megan Nguyen headshot

Megan Nguyen

Research Analyst
Michael Gagne headshot

Michael Gagne

System Architect
Mike McCoy headshot

Mike McCoy

Senior Transaction Manager
Nate Jackson headshot

Nate Jackson

Vice President
Nick Burlbaw headshot

Nick Burlbaw

Research Analyst
Nicole Baird headshot

Nicole Baird

Account Administrative Assistant
Paterick Clark headshot

Paterick Clark

Rachel Cohen headshot

Rachel Cohen

Vice President of Business Development - Vision Map
Reece Rucker headshot

Reece Rucker

Research Analyst
Rhiannon Buono headshot

Rhiannon Buono

Transaction Manager
Sam Carrion headshot

Sam Carrion

Senior Transaction Manager
Samantha Segura headshot

Samantha Segura

Executive Admin Assistant
Shiv Nanji headshot

Shiv Nanji

Transaction Manager
Simon Figg headshot

Simon Figg

Executive Vice President
Sydney Isroff headshot

Sydney Isroff

Transaction Manager
Taylor Lovitt headshot

Taylor Lovitt

Vice President
Thomas Sargent headshot

Thomas Sargent

Research Analyst
Tommy Secules headshot

Tommy Secules

Transaction Manager
Tucker Dillard headshot

Tucker Dillard

Vice President
Zach Smith headshot

Zach Smith

Transaction Manager

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