06.04.2024 - Articles

Pickleball Kingdom Launches First Texas Location

Morrow Hill recently had the honor of sponsoring the official VIP Happy Hour for the grand opening of Pickleball Kingdom’s first Texas location in Plano. This event marked a significant step in expanding the footprint of Pickleball Kingdom and showcased the collaboration and effort behind its establishment.

The new Pickleball Kingdom facility in Plano opened its doors to a community of pickleball players and supporters. As a dedicated venue for the sport, it promises to be a key addition to the local recreational landscape. The VIP Happy Hour was a fitting way to celebrate this achievement, bringing together stakeholders, supporters, and enthusiasts who all contributed to the opening of the Plano location.

With the Plano location now open, Pickleball Kingdom continues to expand accross the United States. Morrow Hill looks forward to many more successful openings and the ongoing growth of Pickleball Kingdom. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey, and we are proud to be part of it.

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